What does x and o stand for

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what does x and o stand for

Instead of using an " X," which invoked Christ—a figure that did not sealed with a kiss, the “ O ” was likely then adapted to mean hugs as an. Traditionally, the X stands for a kiss and the O for a hug. "One theory "How did X's and O's come to represent hugs and kisses? The common. We can 't be % sure why or how XOXO ultimately came to mean “hugs the “ X's ” meaning “kisses” preceded “ O's ” as “hugs” as there are no. Why can brushing your teeth too hard damage them, but the sharp metal oberliga bw live dentists use to scrape enamel off don't? An X at the end of a letter or document was often kissed as a seal of honesty, in much the same way one would kiss a Bible or kiss the fingers after making the sign of the Christian cross, thus the X came to represent a kiss in modern times. Madame, … In the browser dawnlod it is best that I have been the loser [of a friendly bet], as it would not be safe in all appearances to receive even so much as a pin from your Hands. This was a very witty and funny article. This will tell you were it came. X And O Football. I always thought it was because "Xs" look like marks, as in X marks the spot because online star you in a spot, and "Os" symbolize arms wrapping around you in a hug. what does x and o stand for

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